Ride Motorcycles in Dallas : The 10 Best Places


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With its wide open roads, good weather, and variety of terrains, Dallas is a great city for motorcyclists. If you want to ride motorcycles in Dallas, there are plenty of beautiful routes and biker-friendly destinations to explore. This article covers the 10 best places to ride your motorcycle in Dallas to take full advantage of what this Texan city has to offer.

#1 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – White Rock Lake Park

White Rock Lake Park is one of the most popular places to ride motorcycles in Dallas thanks to its scenic 9 mile trail encircling the lake. The route provides amazing views of downtown Dallas’ skyline combined with the peacefulness of lush green spaces. The trail is well-maintained and has dedicated lanes for cyclists and motorcyclists alike. Early mornings and evenings when there’s less traffic are the best times to ride motorcycles here.

ride motorcycles in dallas

#2 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – State Highway 66 to Lavon Lake

For motorcyclists up for a longer ride, State Highway 66 heading eastbound towards Lavon Lake makes for an excellent drive. The curving farm roads heading out of Dallas provide fun turns and leans. And the lake views are serene with minimal traffic. It’s roughly a 60 mile roundtrip ride making it perfect for half-day or full-day tour.

#3 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – Interstate 30 Heading West

Sometimes you just need to ride motorcycles in Dallas and Interstate 30 heading westbound lets you do just that. With a wide open freeway and 70 mph speed limit, riders can entertain themselves by riding motorcycles while taking in views of the lush fields and countryside as you leave Dallas. Just be sure to watch out for cruisers in the right lane.

#4 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – Historic Downtown McKinney

Ride motorcycles in Dallas to the historic town of McKinney around 30 miles from downtown. Downtown McKinney’s Main Street has a quaint charm with restored brick buildings housing cafes, galleries, and shops. The town square is surrounded by ancient oak trees perfect for parking your motorcycle under while exploring the town. And the neighborhoods surrounding downtown boast graceful southern-style homes for gawking.

#5 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – Twisted Sisters Hill Country Route

For seasoned motorcyclists up for a challenge, the famed Twisted Sisters route situated west of Dallas twists through the Texas Hill Country for 100+ miles of non-stop curves and elevation changes. This technical route will allow you to put your leaning skills to the test riding motorcycles. And the endless hills and rural scenery are true Texas eye-candy. Just be cautious of wildlife crossing the roads.

#6 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – South Dallas’ Paul Quinn College

Ride through Dallas’ historical South Dallas neighborhood for a trip back in time. Paul Quinn College is a historically black college with buildings dating back to the 1800s. The campus architecture feels straight out of the Civil Rights era. Cruise through the area on a Sunday when the streets are quiet and residents lounge on porches socializing. It’s a ride into nostalgia.

#7 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – Mike Lewis Park Trail

Mike Lewis Park features an other-worldly landscape unlike anywhere else in Dallas. This unique park contains a sprawling collection of massive rock formations sprouting up from the earth which are perfect for riding motorcycles around and through. The park’s dirt bike trail takes you up and over rock hills, through valleys and canyon-like formations. Feel free to stop and explore the park further on foot.

#8 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – Southern Methodist University

SMU’s pristine lawns and Collegiate Romanesque architecture style make it a pleasure to ride motorcycles through. Circle the academic quads and buildings at leisurely pace letting the scholastic splendor sink in. When students are out and about lounging under trees in the central boulevard known as “The Row”, be sure to rev your engines to see smiles and waves.

#9 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – Trinity River Levees

For motorcyclists seeking off-road adventure, traverse the levees flanking the Trinity River just a 10 minute ride from downtown Dallas. For nearly 20 miles, this trail system winds up and down earthen ramps allowing you to challenge your bike’s suspension and your balancing abilities. Use Google Maps to locate access points and discover new parts of Dallas most folks never experience.

#10 Ride Motorcycles in Dallas – Interurban Railway Trail

Lastly, traverse Dallas’ longest paved trail spanning 18 miles from northwest to southeast Dallas. You’ll ride motorcycles effortlessly along this rail trail through tranquil wooded areas. Plentiful exit points allow you to hop off and grab a bite, stretch your legs, or explore various Dallas neighborhoods adjacent to the trail. It’s a scenic ride across the metroplex.

In summary, Dallas and its surroundings offer tremendous diversity when it comes to places to ride motorcycles. From urban sightseeing to backroad touring and off-road adventures, motorcyclists can stay entertained riding in Dallas while taking in views, history, and architecture. So get out your bike and start exploring the 10 best places to ride motorcycles in Dallas. Ride safe and enjoy!